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Image+ could be used for several purposes. On this page you find some examples how to use it:


You could show the Image+ thumbnail in a Collections grid column by setting the column renderer to ImagePlus.MIGX_Renderer.


If you want to use Image+ in MIGX you could define all Image+ TV properties with a JSON string in the Configs textarea in the MIGX formtabs field configuration. The following properties are possible:


And you also have to change the Input TV Type to imageplus.

You could show the thumbnail in the grid column by setting the renderer to ImagePlus.MIGX_Renderer. In prior MIGX versions you have to raw edit a MIGX configuration for that.

To use that Image+-MIGX-Field in the Frontend, call the ImagePlus Snippet with just the value-parameter being the name of this MIGX-Field:


This will get you the prepared URL for the cropped image, instead of the raw JSON-Object.


In order for the TV to be parsed with the getResources/pdoResources Snippet, make sure you add the following lines to your getResources/pdoResources Snippet call:


In the template Chunk of the getResources/pdoResources Snippet call you could use the placeholder [[+tv.name_of_your_tv]] if the Output Type of the TV is set to Image+. Without additional changes, the placeholder contains the url to the cropped image.

Using the ImagePlus Snippet inside getResources/pdoResources Template Chunk

In your template Chunk for getResources/pdoResources Snippet call, you need to add one parameter so that the ImagePlus Snippet call knows the origin ID to pull data from:


Here is an example call and configuration, where image is your Image+ TV:

Snippet Call

<div class="blog-articles">
<div class="blog-paging">

Chunk tplBlogPost

<article class="post">
    <header class="post-header">
        <h3 class="post-title mt0 mb1"><a href="[[~[[+id]]]]">[[+longtitle:default=`[[+pagetitle]]`]]</a></h3>


    <section class="post-excerpt">
         <a class="read-more" href="[[~[[+id]]]]">read more ยป</a></p>
    <footer class="post-meta">
        <span class="post-author">[[+createdby:userinfo=`fullname`]]</span>
        <time class="post-date" datetime="[[+publishedon:date=`%B %e, %Y`]]">[[+publishedon:date=`%B %e, %Y`]]</time>

Chunk tplBlogIntroImg

<div class="feature" style="margin-bottom:1rem">
    <a href="[[+caption]]"><img src="[[+source.src:pthumb=`w=320`]]" alt="[[+alt]]" /></a>

Responsive images

If you want to display responsive images with and without the crop, you could use the ImagePlus Snippet.

Snippet Call


Chunk tplResponsiveImage

    <source media="(min-width: 36em)"
            srcset="[[+source.src:pthumb=`w=1024`]] 1024w,
                [[+source.src:pthumb=`w=640`]] 640w,
                [[+source.src:pthumb=`w=320`]] 320w"
    <source srcset="[[+source.src:pthumb=`[[+crop.options]]&w=640`]] 2x,
                [[+source.src:pthumb=`[[+crop.options]]&w=320`]] 1x"/>
    <img src="[[+url]]" alt="[[+alt:default=`[[+pagetitle]]`]]"/>