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Prepare your contexts

After (or before) the installation of LangRouter you have to prepare your contexts.

  1. Create one context for each language and name it with the language name. Normally the context key would be equal with the cultureKey context setting of that language, i.e. en as context key and English as context name when the cultureKey is en.
  2. Create the context setting base_url in each context and set it to /.
  3. Create the context setting cultureKey in each context and set it to the according cultureKey, i.e. en.
  4. For each context create a site_url context setting and fill it with the following value: {url_scheme}{http_host}{base_url}{cultureKey}/. MODX handles the placeholder replacements in that setting on its own.
  5. Fill the MODX system setting babel.contextDefault with the context key of the default language, if you did not fill this during the installation of LangRouter.
  6. In head section of the template insert the following line <base href="[[!++site_url]]">.
  7. Include the static files from the assets folder in your installation with [[++assets_url]]path/to/static_file, i.e. <link href="[[++assets_url]]css/site.css" rel="stylesheet"> or <img src="[[++assets_url]]images/whatever.jpg" … >. You could use [[++base_url]]path/to/static_file, if your assets are not located inside of the assets folder.
  8. Set the MODX system setting link_tag_scheme to -1 (URL is relative to site_url)

To create these settings easily, you could use the Cross Contexts Settings extra available on MODX Extras.


Example settings for an en context

Context setting Value
base_url /
cultureKey en
site_url {url_scheme}{http_host}{base_url}{cultureKey}/

System settings

LangRouter uses the following system settings in the namespace langrouter:

Key Description Default
langrouter.debug Log debug information in the MODX ystem log. No
langrouter.response_code Response code for the redirect to the right context, if the culture key is not set. HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
langrouter.contextKeys (optional) Comma separated list of context keys which could be switched to. Defaults to the babel.contextKeys system setting. -


Please don't activate the friendly_urls_strict MODX system setting, if you use LangRouter. That could cause nasty redirect loops.

Usage with other extras

Some extras settings have to be changed to work well with LangRouter (and other routing plugins):


Please set the system setting phpthumbof.cache_url to /. Otherwise the generated thumbnail path of the snippet/output filter will contain the {base_url}{cultureKey} prefix, that needs an additional .htaccess rule that removes this prefix.