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Install from MODX Extras

Search for PDFResource in the Package Manager of your MODX installation and install it in there.

Manual installation

If you can't access the MODX Extras Repository in your MODX installation, you can manually install PDFResource.

  • Download the transport package from MODX Extras (or one of the pre built transport packages in _packages)
  • Upload the zip file to your MODX installation's core/packages folder or upload it manually in the MODX Package Manager.
  • In the MODX Manager, navigate to the Package Manager page, and select 'Search locally for packages' from the dropdown button.
  • PDFResource should now show up in the list of available packages. Click the corresponding 'Install' button and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Build it from source

To build and install the package from source you could use Git Package Management. The GitHub repository of PDFResource contains a config.json to build that package locally. Use this option, if you want to debug PDFResource and/or contribute bugfixes and enhancements.

After downloading the github repository, you have to change into the core/components/pdfresource folder and install mpdf with composer by invoking composer install.