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Input Options

The following input options could be set in template variable settings:

Setting Key Description Default
Allow Blank allowBlank If set to No, MODX will not allow the user to save the Resource until a valid, non-blank value has been entered in the From Date input. Yes
Allowed Usergroups allowedUsergroups (Type = Users) Comma separated list of allowed usergroups. -
Denied Usergroups deniedUsergroups (Type = Users) Comma separated list of denied usergroups. -
Depth depth (Type = Resource) The levels deep that the query to grab the list of Resources will go. 10
Field Template fieldTpl (System setting superboxselect.advanced = active) Field template for the SuperBoxSelect (could contain html tags). Default: {title} ({id}) -
Limit to Related Context limitRelatedContext (Type = Resource) If Yes, will only include the Resources related to the context of the current Resource. No
Max. Elements maxElements Maximum number of elements in the list. 0 means no limit -
Page Size pageSize If the page size is greater than 0 and max. elements is 1, a pagination is displayed in the footer of the dropdown list. -
Parents parents (Type = Resource) A list of IDs to grab children for the list. -
Stack Items stackItems If enabled, the SuperBoxSelect items will be stacked one per line. Per default the items are displayed inline. No
Type selectType Content type of the dropdown list. Resources
Where Conditions where (Type = Resource) A JSON object of where conditions to filter by in the query that grabs the list of Resources. (Does not support TV searching.) Examples: [{"template:=":"4"}], [{"pagetitle:!=":"Home"}], [{"parent:IN":[34,56]}] -

MIGX usage

To use a SuperBoxSelect in inputTVtype, you have to add the follwing values in a MIGX config:

    "inputTVtype": "superboxselect",
    "configs": {
        "selectType": "users",
        "useRequest": "1",
        "allowedUsergroups": ...

The other keys and values in the configs object have to be set according to the selectType options.