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Example use case: In one of your templates you want to be able to select one of four different headers. Each type of header needs one or more TVs but you only want to show the TVs needed for the selected type of header. Inside your template you want to use different chunks for templating.


Please don't misuse this extra and assign all TVs to all templates and hide them by the default value of a toggling TV. This could cause speed problems in the backend and also in the frontend because the template variable handling is not that effective i.e. in the getResources snippet.

Example Setup

You have four different headers (Simple, Jumbotron, Carousel, Cover). For each one of them you use different TVs.

Step 1 - Create your header TVs

Simple Header TV

  • Header_Headline (6) - a simple Text TV

Jumbotron TVs

  • Jumbotron_Background_Color (7) - Colorpicker TV
  • Jumbotron_Background_Image (8) - Image TV
  • Jumbotron_RTE (9) - Richtext TV
  • Carousel_Gallery (10) - MIGX TV

Cover TVs

  • Cover_Background_Image (11) - Image TV
  • Cover_RTE (12) - Richtext TV

Header Select TV

Header (13) - ToggleTV (or before version 2.0.0: Single Select TV)

  • Input Option Values: Standard==6||Jumbotron==7,8,9||Carousel==10||Cover==11,12
  • Default: 6
  • Allow Blank: false (before version 2.0.0)
  • Enable typeahead: false (before version 2.0.0)

Give each input option a label and add the IDs of the TVs used as comma separated values.


Be careful not to add empty spaces inside the value!

Bad: "Standard==6||Jumbotron== 7 , 8, 9 ||Carousel==10||Cover==11,12"
Good: "Standard==6||Jumbotron==7,8,9||Carousel==10||Cover==11,12"

Step 2 - Fill the MODX system setting


This is only needed before 2.0.0 or when you don't use a Toggle TV.

Locate the toggletvset.toggletvs MODX system setting and fill it with the ID of the Header Select TV.


The ID numbers of the template variables in the example ar just for demonstation and should be different in your installation.

Output Filter


This output filter retrieves the label of a corresponding TV value.

If you have a selectTV with these input options


you could use the following call i.e. in the template


This will be replaced by the MODX parser to i.e. [[$Standard]] if the value of [[*selectTV]] is 4.

If you are working in getResources/pdoResources, etc. and your TV is prefixed, use it like this:



This output filter retrieve names of TVs from a list of TV IDs. You could get the TV names of the corresponding TV value with it.

Example usage:


System Settings

ToggleTVSet uses the following system settings in the namespace toggletvset:

Key Description Default
toggletvset.toggletvs (Only needed before 2.0.0 or when you don't use a Toggle TV) Comma separated list of template variable IDs that should toggle the visibility of other template variables. -
toggletvset.toggletvs_clearhidden Clear template variables that are hidden by ToggleTVSet. No
toggletvset.debug Log debug information in the MODX ystem log. No