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How it works

This plugin searches for mailto: strings in href attributes and all plain text email addresses in the html output. However, only email addresses like are matched whereas Tog@ther is left untouched.

Matches of all plaintext emails and email links are consequently replaced with span elements only containing a note to turn on javascript. Then email addresses and original link text are encrypted and stored in javascript variables. Decryption routines triggered by the browser on window.onload event are located in the script file emo.js. Optionally, CSS class emo_address can be used to configure the appearance of email links.

It is still believed that hexadecimal or unicode encoding will stop spam-bots being able to find your email address. Nevertheless, encoded email address harvester are on the way. Unlike other obfuscation plugins, this one uses real encryption instead of using an out-dated and over-used hack such as hexadecimal or unicode encoding (not encryption) of email addresses. Also, all traces of href attributes as well as mailto: strings and @ characters are hidden from spam-bots.

The plugin does not modify adresses inside <form> tags. So posted and not validated forms do not break. Sections between <!-- emo-exclude --> and <!-- /emo-exclude --> are excluded from replacement.

If the No javascript message contains a number, a link to a MODX resource with that ID is generated. This could i.e. point to a resouce with a contact form.

System Settings

emo uses the following system settings in the namespace emo:

Property Description Default
adresses_tpl Name of a chunk that contains the Javascript for the encrypted adresses at the end of the body. tplEmoAdresses
css_path Path to emo css
js_path Path to emo javascript /assets/components/emo/js/emo.min.js
no_script_message 'No javascript' message (Resource ID for internal link) Turn on JavaScript!
selection_range Comma separated list of enabled/disabled resource IDs for emo
selection_type Selection type for enabled/disabled resources for emo -
tpl_only Don't work on resources with blank template Yes