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After the package is installed, all js and css files (and chunks) added by the MODX API functions regClientStartupScript, regClientScript, regClientCSS, regClientStartupHTMLBlock and regClientHTMLBlock are checked to minify them by minify.

System Settings

MinifyRegistered uses the following system settings in the namespace minifyregistered:

Key Description Default
groupJs Group minified files in groupFolder 1 No
groupFolder Group files in this folder with groupJs enabled assets/js
minPath Path to a working minify installation /assets/min/
excludeJs Comma separated list of files (including pathnames) not to be minified 2 -

  1. Grouping registered javascripts could change the inclusion order of the registered javascripts. 

  2. Not minified files are included later than the grouped minified and minified files. 

  3. Registered chunks (i.e. javascript code) are included at the last position of head/body. 

  4. The order of inclusion is external, grouped minified, minified, not minified and direct code.